Different Types of Women’s Blouses

November 10, 2018

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A blouse generally refers to a tailored shirt. This means that any kind of tailored shirt can be considered a blouse. This is why the term is a very general one and you cannot specify the kind of top you want simply by mentioning it. You need to familiarize yourself with different kinds of blouses that go with different styles of pants or skirts. You may also have to consider other factors like the occasion and the fabric.

For one, there are several blouse types according to stitching styles. Modern women mostly prefer tailored dress shirts. These are buttoned shirts stitched in subtle colors and are meant to be worn to formal places. You can, for example, wear these to your office and pair these up with pencil skirts or slacks. Another type of style is that of casual blouses. These are tops that have been tailored to be worn with jeans or trousers. They can also be worn with tights and may be in the form of shirts or tunics. Also, blouses that come for skirts can be short and plain. These are formal blouses and are worn with high skirts. Apart from these, blouses can also be as diverse as Indian tops worn with traditional dresses.

Women’s blouses also differ according to the fabric they are stitched in. In fact, the fabric is directly related to the style of the blouse and can completely change its look. For example, a cotton dress shirt looks extremely formal and can be worn to a workplace. On the other hand, if a shirt is stitched in the same style out of satin or silk, it will be fancy and can be worn to parties. Therefore, you must choose the fabric carefully. You should also choose this in accordance with the weather. For the summer season, cotton is ideal while satin may be good for spring or winter.

While there are different types of women’s blouses, you must remember certain things when wearing these. These apply to almost all kinds of blouses. For one, remember that you should choose women’s blouses if you are looking for a feminine appearance. These, unlike t-shirts, can give you a mature and feminine look. You must also remember that a blouse is not necessarily formal but can be worn in any style. You can easily wear women’s blouses with the skinny jeans and tights that are popular these days. All you need to do is to choose a style that suits you and you can enjoy wearing women’s blouses!

Fashionable Clothing For Pregnant Women

November 10, 2018

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You may not think there exists such a nice selection of clothing for pregnant women, however today there are some pretty fashionable items you can find compared to what used to be available in the past. Today, you can find clothing for pregnant women in all different styles and colors and shapes. You don’t have to just wear a sack on your body, but you can actually look very fashionable when you are pregnant.

Women’s clothing can be challenging to buy, and if you are pregnant it is even a little more difficult to find stores for pregnant women. But if you like to shop for women’s clothing, and you don’t mind spending some time looking for stores, you can find some nice items out there today.

There is a store called Pea in a Pod, and they have some nice items there. You do have to do a bit of searching around to find nice clothing for pregnant women. When you become pregnant, you can still wear your same clothes that you have always worn. But when you are about five months into your pregnancy, you should start looking around for some pregnant clothes. Keep in mind, you don’t necessarily have to but clothing specifically for pregnant women. You can just also buy big sizes. This way you may find some fashionable clothes that are just a few sizes bigger than what you normally wear.

When you go shopping for pregnancy clothes, like skirts for example, you basically just want to look for the size you normally wear, but with an expandable waist. This way you can wear the skirt throughout your entire pregnancy, even from day one. The skirt is your normal size skirt, but the waist expands when your belly expands. It is sort of a neat invention. You can find skirts in all sorts of styles and colors like blacks, greens, and reds. There are pleated skirts, A line, long, and mini. There are also nice pregnancy tops out there. They can be very stylish and emphasize your pregnant belly, which is considered beautiful. You can find tops and sweaters in many styles and colors. Then there are dresses. You can find beautiful pregnancy dresses. Dresses for pregnant women are very similar to dresses you would normally wear, but the middle part just lets your belly expand outward. It is comfortable to wear cotton and stretchy clothes when you are pregnant.

You can wear the same shoes you have always worn, but it is probably better to stay clear of high heels, as your sense of balance is a little of when you are pregnant. It is best to wear flat shoes. Your feet might also widen and swell up a bit too.

So, don’t think, when I am pregnant, I am going to have to wear very ugly, loose fitting clothes. It is just the opposite! Your wardrobe can be very fashionable and you don’t have to buy too many items for when you become pregnant.

Fashion Tips for Pregnancy

November 10, 2018

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Fashion at Pregnancy

A woman’s biggest dream role in life is that of ‘Mother.’ Pregnancy lets you happily and eagerly waits for your little angel. Between the happy period of Pregnancy and baby’s birth every woman wants to feel and look wonderful. During this time one need to choose cloth carefully. The moms-to-be can wear their normal clothes all through their first trimester but after that you have to replace your regular jeans with maternity pants, short tops with longer one and all that in which you feel comfortable.

The dresses should be made of solid coloured free flowing and airy fabric like cotton, chiffon, georgette, jersey and lycra.

Dresses must have in your maternity wardrobe

Today woman has become more fashion conscious. These fashionista ladies fear of wearing dungarees and 1970s type dresses that could make them look weird. The professional women want to look smart in office as well as want to be comfortable yet stylish.

She wants to hide oversized figure under large sized clothes and to slim down the figure. The rather slim figures are highlighted with snug-sleeved tops, skinnier pants, and button-down shirts. Stretchable knits are the best and sexy and feminine too. You can experiment with mix and match formula. T-shirt or a lovely embroidered shirt teamed up with leggings or jeans or skirt or pajamas makes your look the perfect mix of sexy, modern, and classic style.

A good maternity bra is a must have in your pregnancy wardrobe. It must be made of 100% pure cotton, should have wide straps and several rows of adjustable hooks in back to be adjusted according to the growing breast size.

Accessorizing well with danglers and a sexy and chic bag will compliment your dressing style. Shoes are important too. They must be comfortable and stylish….but remember…without heals!!!

Here we are to help you design your maternity wardrobe with the essential garments for those stylish 40 weeks.

  1. Jeans: Jeans are an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. It’s the time to switch to maternity denims that have adjustable waistband, made up of stretchable material and a flattering cut, such as bootleg. Designer maternity denim is available in wide varieties.
  2. Cotton Trousers: These lightweight, fashionable pants are for you to lay comfort while shopping to lounging. Team them up with a tee or an empire-waist top.
  3. Skirt: A black or brown skirt in lightweight material with a stretchy waistband in any length can be worn with solid colored tops. Add zing to your look with chunky necklaces and bracelets.
  4. Maxi Dress: A wrap around jersey dress or a solid colored or printed long maxi dress is a dress to beat the summer heat. These chic dresses are flattering, comfortable and elegant too.
  5. Tops: The look of the top comes up with a well defined neckline as it accentuates your bump. A flirty and feminine empire-waist shirt, fitted tee and colorful or printed tops gives you a great look, make you feel cool and ensures a perfect fit. Tank top in cool colour can be paired with shorts to skirts and capris.
  6. Shorts: Cool pair of denim shorts, Bermuda shorts or linen shorts paired with a cute top and wedges is the perfect summer look!

Top Summer Fashions for Women

November 10, 2018

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Beauty is the most important thing for women and they want to look fashionable all the time. However, as the season changes throughout the year, fashion trends also change. In case you are looking for a fashionable summer dress to wear for next year, here are some of the most popular fashion trends of this year’s summer clothing.

Nude Colours

Summer clothes that come in nude colours are still trending today. If you want to wear clothes that have a nude setup then you should focus on choosing dresses that come with reduced boldness of colour and concentrate on the neutral and nude tones. Clothes that come with nude colours create a superb blending. In fact, Fendi and Stella McCartney displayed these outfits in a popular fashion show.


Jumpsuits also known as Playsuits are another ideal type of summer clothes. This type of outfit is rapidly gaining fame, although they are still not comparable to the popularity of the usual summer catwalk dress. However, with the huge number of people who wear jumpsuits last summer, many expect that jumpsuit will be a big boom next year.

Bold Tribal

Bold tribal is the exact opposite of nude-coloured dresses. Tribal dresses concentrate on bolder colours that come in tribal designs. Choosing tribal clothes will give you an escape from the traditional British designs, since these clothes closely resemble the styles of the traditional dress of Africa and India. These clothes are very fashionable to wear, especially if you are going to the beach.

Trench Coats

Trench Coats are becoming popular again. Although this type of clothes has been silent for a while, trench coats become trending last summer. The reason for their popularity is its versatility. You can dress them up or down and it does not matter, since they look good in either way. If you are planning to wear trench coats this coming summer, it is advisable for you wear the ones that are in nude colours.

Hot Pants

They are pants and they are hot! As their name indicates hot pants became one of the most fashionable dresses to wear last summer. They are the shortest pants that you can have and they are not classified as pants, but it is more appropriate to call them short shorts. If you have nothing to be ashamed of your legs, then you can wear hot pants this upcoming summer. Pair it with kikois and you will look fab. They will make you look sexier throughout the season and enable you to grab the watchful eyes of men. However, if you decide to wear them, you should make sure that you wear matching underwear, since they are very short.


Since 2009, blazers have never been out of fashion. They are so versatile and are one of the most popular clothes worn every summer. They can act as a warm jacket during the cool night and serve as a fashionable accessory to your summer dress during the day. With the sleeves rolled up, your blazers will look perfect if it is accompanied with washed out denim dress. For several years, blazers have been the epitome of summer fashion, no matter which way you wear them.


If you do not want a typical maiden look, then the summer fashion them for you is athleticism. Athleticism emphasizes the tomboy look. You can follow this theme by wearing slightly oversized jumpers and pairing them with boy shorts, and knee socks fitted with heels. However, you should refrain from wearing tracksuits, since they are already out of fashion.

Party Dress

Summer is the time for relaxation of course it will never be complete without the parties. Even though you already have a set of clothes reserved for parties, it is still better to look for dresses that you can add into your wardrobe. If you hate wearing hot pants and blazers during summer, since it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you can settle for party dresses. Still, the fashionable party dress to wear in summer comes in neutral colours, but you must go for unique designs that will enhance the curves of your hips. This will enable you to grab the attention of the guys attending the party.

These are some of the most popular trends last summer. There is a huge possibility that these types of clothes will be the trending summer fashion for next year. Since summer is over, it is time for you to prepare for next year and start filling your wardrobe with fashionable summer dress today, while the their price is still low.

Popular Types Of Pants For Women This Winter!

November 10, 2018

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For all those who love fashion, pants are a very important part of attire. They can completely make or break a look, and change a casual look to formal in no time. While there are many who are not fond of the cold season, there is something great about it that no one seems to dislike: the winter wardrobe! Nearly all of us love the clothing that comes with the winter season, from furry boots to jackets and from winter pants to trendy hats. If you are fond of different types of pants and are wondering what would be perfect for this season, here are some winter 2014-2015 trends you should keep in mind.

Shortened pants – For one, shortened pants for women are great to try this winter! These are straight or slightly fitted pants that will fall just above your ankles. Worn in light colors, they can look great with sweaters and pullovers. To complete the look, wear them with booties and you will be good to go! If you are looking for these pants for women online, you will easily be able to find them in the latest collection.

High-waisted pants – If you want to buy pants for women online that will make you look trendy as well as classy, high-waisted pants will be great for you this winter. These are somewhat like dress pants because they are long and pleated, and are perfect for achieving a semi-formal look. Pair them up with a plain or printed blouse and a blazer or jacket and you will be perfectly dressed for most occasions! Complete the look with high heels.

Bright statement pants – For those who like to go for something different and bold, you can look for statement pants for women online. We all know that winter does not see a lot of color; most people will be seen wearing black, red or other dark colors. This is where statement pants can add flair to your look. Wearing high-waisted turquoise pants with a dull grey sweater, for example, can really make you stand out! However, remember that this type of style is not the easiest to pull off.

Slim-fit pants – Finally, if you are not looking for something too prominent or different, slim-fit cuffed pants can be great for you. The slim-fit trend has been around for a couple of years now and does not seem to be going away! You can wear a simple pair of fitted pants or denims with long coats, sweaters and almost anything else. If you are planning to wear these with a blazer, wear cuffed pants and pair them with high heels to achieve the perfect look!

How to make sure your top goes with your pants?

All sorts of pants need to be paired up with the perfect tops in order to look great. For all winter pants, remember these pointers to make sure your outfit is perfect:

Dull colors – Winter may not be the best time to go for bright contrasting colors. If your pants are bright, make sure you go for a dull tone in your top.

Winter coats – You can’t go wrong with these. A coat or a blazer is an essential this winter, and will go with all types of pants.

Fur vests – Ideally, you should pair these up with leather jackets or dull sweaters. Fur vests will not look great with pants that are not very fitted.

Leather jackets – Do not go for leather on leather. If you are wearing slim-fit cuffed denims, leather is great. If you are wearing fitted leather pants, you might want to go for a more dull top or jacket.

Jumpsuits and Other Trends of This Season

November 10, 2018

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This season is the best season in fashion. Summer clothes are in the past and autumn and winter garments are the present. This may not sound nice to many of us, but think for a moment the warm and cosy feeling fall clothes provide. This season is ideal to get some new pieces to fill your wardrobe with new things to wear. You can get items that you will use for the whole year.

One trend for this season is jumpsuits. They can be cotton that give a casual lounge feeling or denim that give a rock style and can be a choice for inside the house as well as outside. Jumpsuits are popular and are a choice for many women as they are easy to wear and very comfortable. They can give you style and a feeling of power and are always in fashion. The origin falls somewhere between the aviators and skydivers, but it was the first item that was only for men that women started to wear. This means that when women got their place in occupations that were considered to be only for men, the jumpsuit was also what they wore. This is probably the reason that you get this feeling when wearing them. So get one for this season even if you have never tried it before.

Other trends for this season are of course dresses and accessories. Dresses have the advantage of making you feel well dressed all day long. You can get one item according to your style and feel elegant in anything you do. They are also very comfortable to wear. Accessories have the advantage that can be worn with anything. This is the one single reason that women love accessories; we can actually buy anything we like, because we believe that we can wear it every day. This makes the purchase guilt free and enjoyable. Accessories for this season include slim leather belts for the office, larger belts that are ideal over coats and leather or sheepskin boots. Make sure you get new gloves and a bag to match them. Scarves are also an option for those who use them.

The colours to choose are camel, grey, forest green, burgundy and periwinkle. These are the colours that give a cosy autumn feeling. Anything that comes from the natural brown palette is ideal. However, vivid colours are also in fashion. Reds for example can compliment a grey outfit and add a touch of power to your look. Other than that, this season is all about getting back in our house and spending time with our loved ones but also about being warm and well dressed in the office, so take advantage of both trends to create your own style.

Playsuits and Jumpsuits: For Women at Work?

November 10, 2018

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Can playsuits and jumpsuits have a formal role? Would you be happy arranging your mortgage with someone wearing a playsuit, even if it was a woman? It’s a tricky one to answer, because as the names suggest, the playsuit was not necessarily designed with work in mind, and the jumpsuit was seen as the perfect garment for the fashion-conscious freefall parachutist. (Which means the answer to the question is yes if you’re a freefall parachutist.)

The modern everyday interpretations of the two garments are cousins of dresses and suits, both of which are perfectly viable office wear. But would you take your cousin to work with you? And let’s not forget that the definition of what is “formal” is as much of a moving target as you’re ever likely to encounter in style terms. As business in general is toning back its need to appear formal, the meaning of formal wear is itself becoming more open to interpretation. Somewhere in the middle the two will meet with an enormous explosion of laid-back businesswear, and anyone who hasn’t got their finger on the pulse of style is going to be a casualty.

But that’s for the near future. What about now? Can you really turn up at the office in a playsuit? It’s tempting to say that depending on the context, the answer is probably yes. After all, the world of playsuits and jumpsuits is itself pretty diverse, with some very straight lines and fitted silhouettes on one side and loose, flowing, floral fabrics on the other. A neat and tidy playsuit could definitely be a replacement for a skirt suit, and likewise a jumpsuit would pass unnoticed in an environment where trouser suits were expected. You can always wear a jacket or cardigan if the look works, and this will make the illusion complete. There are a number of styles in the shops at the moment, but as with any timeless look, a good place to find a great garment is in a vintage clothing store.

Office work does not necessarily automatically mean traditional formal any more, either. Even in working environments where men have been expected to wear a suit, the leeway offered to women has usually been pretty generous, with trouser or skirt options, and a blouse, knitwear or jacket on the torso. So it’s not such a huge leap for women to wear a jumpsuit or playsuit that’s at the more tailored end of the spectrum. Try it out in front of the mirror, have a good look at what your colleagues are wearing (as if you don’t already), check out the looks on the city streets at 8:30 a.m. and see how you could pull off the look.

Best of all, if someone suggests a drink or a meal after work, the subtleties of the style mean it can, perhaps with a little accessorising and a tease of the hair, become a rather smart looking piece of casual wear. While your colleagues are shedding their uncomfortable jackets and loosening their collars and cuffs, you’ll already be choosing your starter. And as the evening ends, it’ll be good to know that your clobber is designed for jumping – but hopefully into a taxi.

Traditional Indian Fashion: Today’s Contemporary Fashions (Indian Wedding Dresses: Lehenga Choli)

November 10, 2018

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Anyone shopping for traditional Indian wedding dresses, Bollywood lehenga choli, or even a designer lehenga choli online has made a wise choice indeed. With today’s ease of shopping online for traditional Indian wedding dresses combined with superior quality and designs from India, shopping online for traditional Indian fashion wear has never been easier.

The traditional lehenga received its origin from the very early days when a woman wearing a lehenga was considered a queen of high society in India. Today, the lehenga comes in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors to keep modern women feeling like a queen of high society as well.

Materials can range from:

• Exotic Silks
• Dreamy Satins
• Comfortable Cottons
• Creamy Crepe
• Sensual Sequins
• Beading and Stonework in all shapes and sizes
• Embroidered details in many varieties

Styles can range from:

• Traditional garments true to Indian culture and style
• Contemporary styles to keep up with today’s hottest fashion trends
• Designer lehenga choli to make every woman feel like royalty
• Bollywood lehenga choli in traditional Indian tradition with a woman’s figure in mind.

As far as tradition is concerned, Indian fashion such as the churidar, designs 2012 are keeping with that tradition as well as adding a sexy flair to its fit. Churidar designs 2012 have kept true to Indian heritage, yet added a form-fitting, curve-appealing fit that women everywhere can feel gorgeous wearing. No longer are the days where these styles are loose-fitting flairs; these styles are slimming, hip hugging, and make a woman feel good about herself. These designs come in every shape and size and will definitely flatter every woman’s figure, even the full-figured woman. Every woman can feel beautiful and exciting in today’s Indian fashion bought online.

Customers that are seeking traditional lehenga choli with all the traditional Indian artisanship and today’s fashion-forward styles should take advantage of the vast selection through online shopping. It is like having their own Indian fashion store at their disposal. The range of choices is vast:

• Carefully crafted, exquisitely designed
• Custom fit to order
• Choice of neck style, length, border design
• Exotic fabrics and materials
• A line styles, straight cut, and many more up-to-date cuts to fit any women’s shape

Therefore, whether a customer is seeking a traditional garment or a custom-made fit, they will have so many options that shopping online for Indian wedding dresses, Bollywood lehenga choli, or the latest in Churidar designs 2012, someone seeking it all, can surely find it shopping online for traditional Indian wear with a high-fashion edge.

With choices of exotic fabrics and custom-made fit, embellishment, and embroidery, an online Indian fashion store is the best place to meet and exceed all your Indian design needs.

Maxi Dresses for Summer – Your Global Fashion File

November 10, 2018

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Are you an ardent follower of fashion? Do you try to ape the models that walk the ramp? Then you must be abreast with the fashion trends this summer. Let me assure you the only style that can match the global fashion scenario is that of Maxi dresses. You should add these amazing dresses which suit every body type, irrespective of age or height, to your wardrobe if you want to lend yourself a chic, summery look.

Let us discuss the latest trends in Maxi gowns this season. African prints and Paisley prints as well as bold prints are in vogue, which will give you a trendy ethnic and chic look. Maxi dresses are sure to make you look classy and casual at the same time. These dresses are elegant and versatile and should be a necessary addition in your summer wardrobe.

Women all over the world love Maxi dresses because of their simplicity, as they make the summer season more enjoyable and fun. They are lightweight and are made with flowing materials to make you feel comfortable. Simple cotton, georgette or chiffon is used to make these dresses and hence they are so popular in summer. If you have, a passion for all things girly then Maxi dresses is your numero uno choice.

This summer, you can go for sleeved style dresses, to halter neck designs, to tube dress look as well, to give you the feminine feel you’ve been craving for. The latest trend is the African or tribal inspired print, the folk, or the floral print, which has become a rage and will surely make you look and feel amazing. Maxi dresses are the ideal choice if you are going out for prom or a night out. These are available in floral prints, leopard prints, geometric prints and much more! They suit all women, as they are amazingly versatile and at the same time vintage. These dresses come in eye candy colors like sugary pink and white and an array of patterns, which will look great this season.

Maxi dresses are great when you want to reveal your feminine and romantic side of your nature as they make you look gorgeous, cute and pretty. They are classic, feminine and sophisticated with a variety of style and beautiful pattern to choose from as per your tastes and requirements and personality. They make you look flattering and elegant. They give you a perfect fit, as they are famous for their comfort and style, which reveals your natural femininity. Maxi dresses mark a fashion trend and you can very well create an impression on every one around you. No matter your figure, whether its hourglass or a petite frame, do try Maxi dresses this summer to make heads turn. You can shop to your heart’s content online, at your convenience.

5 Fashion Styles That Can Make You Look Gorgeous

Fashion is associated with women, they are the ones who actually want to beautify themselves. For fashionistas, to the corporate rulers, every woman loves dresses, makeup, accessories as these are the path towards phenomenal looks.

There are various fashion styles, sometimes we think that today is to look trendy, or today for something traditional, or today let me dress up in a classic outfit or oh! It’s summer, let me look casual! Trendy, Vogue, Casual are all fashion styles that we take up in our daily routine. These are all different types of fashion styles which can make one look better.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is all about expressing yourself, and your identity. It is about expressing yourself through your dresses or clothes. It is everything that deals with clothes, accessories, footwear, jewelry, hairstyle and etc. It is a habitual trend in which a person dresses up in her best, does her make up, wears her accessories and shoes. Looking good is the main aim of fashion.

To some, fashion can mean good dresses, to some fashion can mean expensive clothing and accessories. But you must pair your dresses correctly to look chic and stylish. Failure to do so can be a disaster and make you embarrassed in front of everyone.

Wearing the same dresses in the same style can make you a boring person. So before you go out wearing something look at yourself in front of the mirror, check yourself whether the particular dress goes with your body shape or the accessories. Ask yourself whether the accessories you are planning to wear match your dress. Ask yourself will I be able to carry myself?

Check what kind of makeup match the dresses? The shoes, the hair! Everything must match each other perfectly. And you can make you a fashionable diva. If you love fashion, you must know the various types of styles which you can try, the next time you visit a party. Go through the various fashion styles.

Trendy fashion style: It is always up to date. Girls following this style wear all kinds of dresses without keeping any constraints. Trendy means something that is in the trend. Ripped jeans, tank tops, long jackets, high heels, open hairs are examples of trendy fashion style. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba follows this style. Well, attitude is everything when it comes to pulling off a trendy style.

Chic Style: Chic mans a style that is highly fashionable. Chic is a statement that makes one look striking and exceptionally smart. This style is marked with well-tailored designs that are classy. Strong color, superior styles, that seems casual but also not too casual. So, basically chic style means something very classy, trendy, and also gorgeous. So if you are a part of the chic club, then your wardrobe is a symbol of style.

Sophisticated Style: Style that is polished, quality, and posh are known as sophisticated style. Dresses like Skaters Dress, Brocade Dress, Sheath Dress makes the style statement. A sophisticated style is for the ones from higher status and high-class personalities. Culture and luxury mean most of them who chooses this style of fashion.

Vogue Style: Vogue is something that comes back with time. Fashion that existed for the time, then again regained its popularity by combing some changes in its design, dress material, or styles are said to be vogue. A few vogue dresses are Skaters Dress, Brocade dress, Bandage Dress. These dresses regained its popularity over time and became one of the most fashionable dresses that are loved by women.

Preppy Style: The school or college look is the tag name that denotes a preppy style. Dresses that are collared and are matched with skaters dress or A-line skirts with girly blouses are preppy styles.

To stand out of the crowd you must choose such styles that make you look gorgeous. Just do not keep copying from others, explore the world of fashion, experiment the possibilities and find out what makes you look gorgeous. Women are the finest creation of God. They are borne diva but divas also need to be fashionable. Therefore, choose the style that suits you the most. Good Luck!